Algenta to Attend DDI Meeting in Edinburgh

May 18, 2005

Algenta to Address Role of Structural Flow in Survey Instrument Documentation

Representatives of Algenta Technologies will visit Edinburgh, Scotland to participate in the renovation of the Data Documentation Initiative’s metadata standard. “There is a wealth of knowledge created during the data collection process,” stated Dan Smith, adding that “Algenta’s goal is to capture more of this information in a standardized way.” Algenta sees the meeting as an important occasion to address the serious lack of routing and correspondent path information in the current version of the DDI standard.

Jeremy Iverson and Dan Smith, both Senior Technical Staff Members at Algenta, will be in the delegation. Representatives from various universities and national statistics organizations will also attend the meeting. Algenta appreciates the strong interest that members of the delegation and others have shown in participating.

About Algenta Technologies

Founded in 1999, Algenta Technologies is a research and development firm specializing in data management, integration services, and Internet technologies for government and business computing. The company offers a range of highly specific products and services designed to give power to people through easy integration and access to data.

About the DDI

The Data Documentation Initiative is an international effort to establish a standard for technical documentation describing social science data.

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