Algenta Launches ThatIP Internet Naming Services

August 28, 2003

Service allows home users to give personal computers their own domain names

Algenta Technologies has launched ThatIP, a dynamic DNS service that allows home users to assign domain names to their personal computers.

The ThatIP service enables its users to provide content such as web sites, file servers or chat servers from their own machine. Without a hostname from ThatIP, users offering such content must have people connect to their numeric Internet address, which is difficult to memorize and can change on a regular basis. With the ThatIP service, people can access content available on a ThatIP user's personal computer by typing in a domain name just like when they are browsing the web.

ThatIP users can use their own personal domain names like, or they can create a subdomain like

Algenta has also released a new version of its popular dynamic DNS update client, WinIP. ThatIP users can run WinIP on their Windows system to keep their domain name synchronized with their computer's current Internet address. The new version of WinIP offers a new user interface that allows multiple hostnames to be updated from the same client.

ThatIP service plans start at $10 per year and offer at least five domain names per account.

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