Algenta Announces Enterprise Internet Naming Solutions

August 28, 2003

Appliance enables organizations to deploy dynamic DNS services with minimal effort. Services help developers integrate dynamic DNS functionality into their products.

Algenta Technologies has announced new products and services that will enable organizations to add value to their network naming solutions. The company's new offerings are being launched in conjunction with its ThatIP service, which allows home users to assign domain names to their personal computers.

Algenta Announces Sale of Pop Squirrel

June 11, 2001

Pop Squirrel Has Been Sold

Algenta Technologies has announced the conclusion of the sale of Pop Squirrel to Mr. Benjamin Adams. This sale included the Pop Squirrel binaries, source code, user guides, the trademarks “Pop Squirrel”, “Poppy the Squirrel”, and the squirrel chirp sound, Pop Squirrel logo, “Poppy” illustrations, and all associated press material.

Algenta Announces New dIRC Release

September 28, 2000

dIRC Version 2 Released -- With Full Source Code

Algenta Technologies has released the latest version of it’s award winning dIRC irc software. dIRC version 2.2 for Windows, an Internet Relay Chat client designed for power users, lets thousands of users around the world communicate with each other.

dIRC is a easy to use, highly configurable IRC chat program for windows. It allows you to talk to your friends all over the world, meet new people, and exchange files and ideas. dIRC sports a user-friendly interface that makes navigating the world of IRC easy!

Algenta Launches dIRC

February 28, 2000

New Internet Chat Program Released -- With Full Source Code

Algenta has released dIRC 1.2 for Windows, a new Internet Relay Chat client that lets thousands of users around the world communicate with each other.

dIRC provides a clean, Office 2000-style interface that allows you to chat with other users even before learning standard IRC commands. You can talk on multiple chat servers at the same time, and establish direct connections with others to transfer files or to chat privately.

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