Algenta awarded an NIH grant for DDI 3 based data extraction tools

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - March 30, 2011

DDI 3 based Online Data Extraction System Receives NIH Funding

News Facts

  • Algenta Technologies announced that it has recently received a grant from the National Institutes of Health - National Institute on Aging, under the National Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.
  • The award is a Phase I grant that provides supplemental support of Algenta’s research on a “Open Standards-Based Data Extraction Web Tool for Complex Longitudinal Datasets”.
  • The SBIR program is designed to stimulate technological innovation among private-sector businesses while providing the government new, cost-effective, technical and scientific solutions to challenging problems.
  • This Phase I feasibility study aims to analyze to data preparation and metadata creation workflow needed to prepare a study for online data extraction, to validate the use of the Data Documentation Initiative’s DDI 3 standard for the basis of such a tool, and to create prototype web-based data extraction software.
  • While the focus is on longitudinal surveys, the proposed system would also handle cross-sectional, time-series, and non-repeated studies.
  • The aim is to improve research methodologies through a simplification of the process used for discovering, retrieving, and analyzing data relevant to a researcher’s investigation and to improve data citations, aiding in reproducible research.
  • The research includes consultation with researchers from ICPSR at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and the Mid-Life in the United States Longitudinal Study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Supporting Quotes

  • "We appreciate the continued support of the NIH-NIA, and their recognition of the significance of the research we are conducting," said Dan Smith, a partner at Algenta, and the principal investigator on the project.

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